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Transformed by the renewing of your mind

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Mission Council of the Christian Church
Dallas, Texas

Rev Dr Prince Dibeela

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The following paper was delivered to the Mission Council meeting in Dallas Dec. 2, 2016.

Rev Dr Prince Dibeela

Rev Dr Prince Dibeela

The starting point for Missional engagement should always be the recognition that Mission is a project of God.  The notion of Missional Church arises from the acknowledgment that Mission is the invitation for us to participate in what God is already doing, and has been doing from eternity.  This is critical because churches have often fallen into the temptation of thinking that mission could be about shifting things around, developing mission and vision statements, changing furniture and the décor of the sanctuary, and other such superficial alterations.  The notion of missional church in my opinion is an opportunity to do much more than that.  Through this movement we are called as Christians to review our vocation and interrogate what it means to be church in the circumstances we live in.  I would like to offer some proposals for your consideration. (more…)