Mission First!

December 2 – Prayer for the Mission Council

by Nadine Burton

Gracious and Loving God:

We pause today to enter into a time of prayer around the Mission Gathering Initiative. We thank you for the work of your Holy Spirit throughout this process, understanding that it is prayerful and necessary Kingdom work! We recognize that WE are beginning where a great cloud of witness ended, so we approach this work with humility and courage.

This weekend, leaders from around the country are meeting to pray and listen, to discern and discover ways to move forward with mission imperatives. We thank you for every Mission Gathering group that gathered in 2016 to share in this ministry of discernment.  We thank you for every facilitator and team, who took time to navigate and discover meaningful ways to uncover the treasures of creativity, wisdom and dialogue.  We thank you for the Mission Implementation Team, whose wisdom and guidance continue to lead us to a place of discovery.

We pray that you move us beyond complacency, status, bickering, and selfishness.  We are joyful that as we seek to give the best of ourselves, you desire to give us the best of your Spirit. Move us to collaborate for the good of the church!  Encourage us to not waiver to the left or to the right, but to center our hearts and minds on the transformational work.  We desire to walk worthy of the calling that you call us to walk with mission priorities. We are the Church! We are hopeful that who we are becoming will be a spring board into new wineskins of mercy and justice.

As followers of Jesus Christ, remind us that we are called to mission in our everyday, ordinary lives: Inside the church, outside the church, wherever we live, work, and have our being in you.  We dare to touch lives to the fullest, to love our neighbor as ourselves, to structure our lives around grace, to uncover the depths of your love and mercy toward us, as we extend the same grace and mercy to others. We are strengthened by a witness and perseverance that calls us to think more highly of others than we do ourselves.  While we profess our love for the Christian Church (DOC), awaken us to the realities that we face. So that we will seek remedies for injustice, to give hope to those who are marginalized, to provide food for those who are hungry, a lamp for transforming churches, and unity and wholeness for broken communities.

Oh God, in the coming days, help us to see what you see, to hear what you hear, and TO move as you move. Open our hearts to do thy Holy will, to bring a “Good Report” on behalf of the Body of Christ. In Jesus name, this is our prayer. Amen.

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