Mission First!

December 16 Call to Prayer

by Lori Tapia

Gracious and Merciful God:

Oh loving Lord, you know all, see all and examine all, receive the gratitude of our hearts knowing that we come before you humbled by your grace and mercy, and pausing to intercede for the Mission First process. While a gathering of the Mission Council has moved the process into the next stage, only your Holy Spirit knows the direction of your will, your plan and purpose.

We thank you for your faithfulness, knowing this is uncompromised. Help us to understand that every step of the process is a step into worship, a piece of the bigger puzzle of your Kingdom. We recognize that as your children, we are called to be a beacon of your light, to be a witness of courage and humility, a people who pray and seek your glory.

We pray that you continue to be with every member of the Mission Council during this time of discernment, filling their cups to the overflow with wisdom. We thank you for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) who has stepped out in bold action to hear your voice, to seek your guidance and your Spirit. It is the desire of our hearts to be led by you, in step with your Spirit, trusting that your Word is with us as a light to our feet, and a lamp to our path.

We are a people called to mission, a people called to step up and act boldly in a fragmented world, a world that strives on friction, division and contention. Strengthen us beyond comfort to a place of courage and action as we collaborate, partner and strive to walk in joy, love and mercy, witnessing to the world around us the power of your Holy Spirit in your Church.

Remind us every day as your followers that mission is not an occasional event, but an everyday call on our lives as followers of Jesus Christ. Break down the walls of division and help us to build bridges of understanding and communication that enables us to go deeper into relationship with one another, with ourselves and with you.Teach us to be your Church, a church of mercy, grace, and love, a church that extends a helping hand to the one in need, clothes the naked, feeds the hungry and stands against the injustice that perpetuates oppression in a world you have set free.

Oh gracious God, in the next steps of this Mission First process, we seek to hear from you, and wait for your move. Open the eyes of our hearts, do your will in us and through us as and may we bring honor and glory to your name in the process. We pray in the matchless name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Amen.

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